Testimonials for We Have a Site Web Design in Placerville, CA

SWEAT Fitness Center
So nice to have a programmer/designer who can quickly get on the same page with their client! Always such a pleasure to work with you Melanie!

Rodger Williams - www.sweatfitnesscenter.com


Red Frog Hobbies
After many years of working with and getting aggravated by FrontPage I started on a quest to find a company that could possibly supply a template style website site that could be customized and still look great. Well I found it at www.wehaveasite.com.

Since I am a small company I was also looking for a website that I could afford,update myself and that I did not have to be a rocket scientist to work with. Melanie at wehaveasite supplied that and more with a great looking site, excellent customer support and a super friendly personality to boot.

I was able to get all I wanted and more and Melanie was there every step of the way to help me and provide the type of help and suggestions to get my site looking and working fantastic.

Working with Melanie has been a refreshing change instead of dealing with these large nameless faceless websites that offer no technical support. I also prefer to try and work with the small business person such as myself and support them instead of large corporations that don't appreciate my business and only want my hard earned money.

From the beginning conception phase, to the launch of my brand new site, Melanie has been with me every step of the way working to provide top notch support and a can-do attitude.

If you are looking to upgrade your site give Melanie a call, you will not be sorry.

Also I am proud to say that as soon as my site was launched the response from my existing customers and new customers has been great, they have all loved the site! That says a lot about the work Melanie does.

Ron Luizzi - www.redfroghobbies.com

 From an email:

I want you to know how absolutely amazing this website is!!!.....;-0)
You have done a great job and it just continues to get even better!!


Tammy A. Lauran

Lauran Companies
Leads to Leases Program



Sweat Fitness Center
Where do I begin; working with Melanie was absolutely enjoyable and worry-free and she is by far the most responsive person I have EVER worked with. Before opening my fitness studio, I was a software development manager of a remote team that developed web based client/server applications for businesses so, I developed a project plan, put it into the cloud, and shared it with Melanie like I would when working with a remote team. We only had one phone conversation prior to hiring her and I could immediately tell she was a very experienced web developer with knowledge of the current tools and trends in website design which, gave me confidence to leave all of the design lay-out aspects to her judgement and, she did not disappoint!

During the project Melanie would instinctively add something extra that she knew would fit our business model like, adding in a marquee and suggesting to add a gallery for action photos taken at our studio. If I asked for a facebook and twitter link, she threw in an email share, RSS feed, and Google +1 as well. She also took the initiative to go to our facebook page to gather pictures, and quotes to use...I could go on, and on but, let me just say, I think she is the best and I have no doubt, she will have you feeling this way too! I have already referred a colleague to her and won't hesitate to send more her way! Thank you for everything Melanie!

Rodger Williams - www.sweatfitnesscenter.com

Van Raalte & Co., Inc. - EZUP4U.com
We have had nothing but praise for Melanie and her wehaveasite.com performance. She took on an extremely large job to convert our site to a data based format and get us back online. Her speed and accuracy has been great and she is always there with whatever help is needed.

Ted Van Raalte - www.ezup4u.com